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Puzzle #92: Foul Language

 Hey friends, Back with a themeless 13x puzzle this week--a little bit smaller than a usual full-size grid. This one was constructed with the help of Twitch chat a while back, so thanks to everyone who helped at the time. Thanks to Norah Sharpe for help in testing this one. Speaking of Twitch, you can lately find Norah and I solving cryptics together on Twitch. It's a great way to learn how cryptics work, if you've never solved one before. It was great meeting so many of you at Lollapuzzoola! As a first foray into the world of major crossword tourneys, it couldn’t’ve been more fun. Mmm, key lime pie (If any of these links prompt a log in to OneDrive, try opening them in a private browser window.) PDF .puz Solution  

Puzzle #91: A Little Bit Alexis

 Hi friends, Got a fun little themeless for you this week. Thanks to Norah and Alex for help in testing this one. Norah and I also have this week's AVCX Cryptic , so give that one a go! (If OneDrive links prompt a login, try opening in a private browser window.) .puz Solution   PDF Mmm, chicken shwarma pizza

Puzzle #90: Easy Crÿptic

 Hi friends, Here today with a barred cryptic style that's shamelessly cribbed from the New Yorker . The New Yorker's cryptics are some of the easiest American cryptics around, which I think is a real resource for newer solvers. With enough experience setting cryptics to feel like I can make one that's truly easy (it's much easier to make an impossibly hard cryptic than a very straightforward one), I'm throwing my hat into the ring. Let me know what you think, especially if you're less experienced with cryptics--I'd love to do more of these.  Thanks to Norah , Steve , and Chris for help in testing this one.    (If OneDrive links prompt a login, try opening in a private window. ipuz files can be opened in the Crossword Nexus solver) .ipuz PDF   Solution and parses   Mmm, apple pannekoeken

Puzzle #89: In That Case...

 Hi friends! Right back at you again with a sweet lil midi! Of course you can find plenty more grids of the midi variety (but never mid) over at Lil AVC X . Thanks to Norah and Alex for help in testing this one.  Next week... a cryptic that's very much towards the easier end of things? (If opening OneDrive links prompts a login, try using a private browser window) .puz PDF   Solution   Mmm, cherry macadamia white chocolate chip crispy cookie

Puzzle #88: It's Classified (with Norah Sharpe)

Hey friends, Got a very fun themeless collab with Norah for you. We think you'll find it a breezy bit of fun. More puzzles from us when and where you least expect them. Norah says, "Making puzzles with Will is always a joy. I love everything we have coming soon both separately and together! This one is a fun themeless for which I wrote exactly one sports clue - can you find it?" A note on OneDrive links: If any of the links prompt you to log in, try opening them in a private window. You can also grab the .puz by using Crossword Scraper in Firefox or Chrome. .puz PDF   Solution   Mmm, Norah's birthday cake  

Puzzle #87: Blooper Reel

 Hi friends, Back with a themeless this week! Thanks to Norah for help in testing this one. I've hopefully got some fun stuff coming in July, both on the blog and elsewhere!     .puz   PDF Solution   Mmm, chocolate-chip banana bread

Puzzle #86: Financial Planning (with Kate Chin Park)

 Hi friends, Got a really special one this week with the inimitable Kate Chin Park. You can solve her amazing puzzles over at Crosswords Schmosswords and see her work as an edit ör at the New Y ö rker . Thanks to Norah for helping test this one. I'm hopeful to keep this trend of weekly puzzles going, at least for a bit, this summer. If you're enjoying them, drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you. .jpz PDF   Solution Mmm, strawberry rhubarb bars