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Puzzle #50: This Year, No Children (Cryptic)

 Holy cow, a cryptic! It's the one-year anniversary of this blog! Thanks to everyone who's solved any of my puzzles along the way. This week, to celebrate Half Baked's birthday, we're back in cryptic land. I feel like I learned a ton making this puzzle, and I hope at least some of that comes across in the clues.    A huge thanks to Steve , who has both easy and trickier cryptics on Square Pursuit, and k0rmad-- they both were invaluable in their help critiquing this puzzle, and it wouldn't be half as good without them. Any errors/mistakes are mine alone. This puzzle has a hidden theme! It's meant to be solved without any knowledge of the theme, so feel free to ignore it. If you'd like to try to puzzle it out, the first hint is the title. Hint #2: The grid is themed around a certain band/artist Show/Hide    (Theme explanation down below)  Best of luck in solving, and I'd love to hear your feedback! Constructing a cryptic is a lot of work, but very fun,

Puzzle #49: Snack Break--Sponsored By Little Debbie

 Hello again! Today's puzzle is themed and should be fairly easy! Hope it goes down smooth for you. Thank you to Frisco for test-solving this week. .puz PDF   Solution Mmm, Oatmeal Creme Pies (not featured in this puzzle!)  

Puzzle #48: Snake!

 Ahoy there! This week's puzzle is a themeless-perhaps harder than usual, but not too hard? It's a fun grid shape, and I hope a fun puzzle, too! Thanks to Quiara for helping to test it out. .puz PDF Solution     Mmm, homemade graham crackers

Puzzle #47: It's A Puzzle! (with Sid Sivakumar)

Have we got a fun one for you today!   If you don't know who Sid Sivakumar is, you're in for a treat: Beyond fantastic puzzles at the New York Times and other venues, you can find tons of great puzzles on Sid's blog , including a tricky pack of themelesses that are raising money to help Afghan women . And Sid is the editor of the crossword at The Juggernaut , where puzzles feature themes and clues related to the South Asian diaspora. Sid was generous enough to share this theme and grid with me, and in typical crossword fashion, it sat on the back-burner for a while. I asked if I could write the clues, and Sid was nice enough to say yes! I'm very happy with how this puzzle turned out, and I hope you will be too. Thanks to Steve Mossberg for testing! .puz PDF Solution   Mmm, mango ice cream  

Puzzle #46: Capital Idea

 How's it going!? Today's puzzle is themed, and hopefully nearer to the easier end of things. Thanks to Benjamin for testing!   See you in a couple weeks for a puzzle featuring one of your favorite constructors.   .puz   PDF   Solution   Mmm, banana bread  

Puzzle #45: Rolling

 Hey folks! Back this week with a themeless offering. I think there's a lot of super fun stuff in this one--really happy to get it out into the world! Thanks as always for testing to Steve Mossberg , who has put up some absolutely fantastic cryptic and non-cryptic offerings lately. .puz PDF Solution   Mmm, challah

Puzzle #44: Symphonic Metamorphosis

 Hi everybody! Themed puzzle this week. If you recognize the title this puzzle will be right up your alley--if not, I encourage you to solve it and work the theme out anyway! Thanks to Steve Mossberg for testing! .puz PDF   Solution Mmm, Salted Nut Rolls