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Puzzle #45: Rolling

 Hey folks! Back this week with a themeless offering. I think there's a lot of super fun stuff in this one--really happy to get it out into the world! Thanks as always for testing to Steve Mossberg , who has put up some absolutely fantastic cryptic and non-cryptic offerings lately. .puz PDF Solution   Mmm, challah

Puzzle #44: Symphonic Metamorphosis

 Hi everybody! Themed puzzle this week. If you recognize the title this puzzle will be right up your alley--if not, I encourage you to solve it and work the theme out anyway! Thanks to Steve Mossberg for testing! .puz PDF   Solution Mmm, Salted Nut Rolls

Puzzle #43: Latin Cinema

 Hello world! Thanks for being patient as the schedule here becomes a little more erratic--still aiming to put puzzles out on Fridays, but it might be more like every other week. Or not! We'll see. In any event, we're back with a themeless puzzle that I hope you enjoy. Thanks to Steve Mossberg for helping test this one.  .puz   PDF Solution Mmm, peanut butter cup  

Puzzle #42: Cryptic!

 Hoo boy, here we go! If you don't know what a cryptic puzzle, I recommend watching the video and reading the explanation from the New Yorker . Things work a little differently in cryptics, but ultimately it's still about that same love of wordplay and clue-solving that we love about American-style crosswords.  The New Yorker's new cryptic puzzle is a great place to start--here are a few more: Joeadultman's "Cryptic 101" puzzles, which each only use a certain cryptic device, and Steve Mossberg's Quiptic series , which can be solved in a "Helpers" version.  A huge thanks to Steve and k0rmad, who went above and beyond in helping me create my first cryptic puzzle--a very intensive and time-consuming feedback process which I'm super grateful for!   I've already rambled on too much. Go give the puzzle a try!  Mmm, blueberry scone     .puz PDF   Solution  

Puzzle #41: What A Week!

 Hope you're having a good one!  Today's puzzle is themed. Thanks to k0rmad and Quiara for helping test it out. Hope you enjoy! Next week's offering might be... a little different? We'll see. Consider yourself forewarned.   Mmm, carrot cake cupcake with lemon-cream cheese frosting   .puz   PDF   Solution

Puzzle #40: CGI

 What's up everyone! Today's puzzle is a midi that we constructed on Twitch! If you were in that stream, thanks for the help! And a special thanks to Norah for helping to test this one out.  .puz Mmm, 80% white cob loaf

Puzzle #39: We're All Mad Here

 Ahoy!  Back with a themed puzzle after taking the holiday weekend off last week. Thanks to Steve as always for testing. Enjoy! .puz PDF Solution Mmm, peanut brittle