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Puzzle #37: On The Road

 How's it going? Themed puzzle this week. Hope it goes down smooth! .puz PDF   Solution Mmm, focaccia 

Puzzle #36: Extremely Online

 Howdy!   Themeless this week. I think this one's a lot of fun, with some tricky clues--thanks to Steve Mossberg for testing.   Hit the "Show/hide" button below the puzzle when you're done for a discussion about the genesis of this puzzle and a topic that's important to me personally. .puz PDF   Solution   Mmm, pretzels 20-Across was the seed for this puzzle. As someone with cerebral palsy, I find it's an important concept to highlight. The titular curb-cuts are ramps added to intersections to help wheelchair users, but they are helpful to cyclists, skateboarders, pedestrians using strollers, and so on. Things like closed captioning benefit all of us, and help reduce stigma around accommodation at the same time. When society works to accomodate those who are marginalized or disadvantaged, everyone benefits. Show/hide

Puzzle #35: Cahoots! (with Chris Piuma)

Hi hi hi!   Really excited to share this week's puzzle, which is a themeless collaboration with Chris Piuma. His excellent puzzles can be found here and his highly enjoyable Twitch stream, which features crossword-solving, the NYT Spelling Bee, and other shenanigans, can be found most mornings at 11am Central .  As you might be able to tell at a glance, we had a lot of fun with this one. Each half of the grid was filled by one of us, and clued by the other. Which way round, you ask? You get one guess. .puz PDF Solution   Mmm, Bravetart’s S'mores Pie with toasted meringue

Puzzle #34: Bad -romance

 Hi hi! Themed puzzle this week--this one might be extra-fun if you're into D&D or other high fantasy, but I think there's fun stuff in there for everyone. Thanks to Hagabaka for test solving! Mmm, mille feuille with mascarpone whipped cream  .puz PDF   Solution  

Puzzle #33: So What

  Hello hello!    Themed offering today--maybe on the easy-medium side? Go check out the latest Square Pursuit by Steve Mossberg when you're done (thanks for helping test!).      .puz PDF   Solution   Mmm, naan

Puzzle #32: Blocked!

How's it going?   Themeless today. This puzzle is unusual for a few reasons, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. Thanks to Steve Mossberg for testing. Enjoy! .puz   PDF Solution   Mmm, pizza   

Puzzle #31: Strum Along (with Steve Mossberg)

 Howdy!  This week's puzzle is a themed collaboration with the esteemed  Steve Mossberg . We're really excited to share this one with you, and hope you have as much fun solving as we did constructing it.    Mmm, raspberry mille feuille   .puz PDF   Solution