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Puzzle #42: Cryptic!

 Hoo boy, here we go! If you don't know what a cryptic puzzle, I recommend watching the video and reading the explanation from the New Yorker . Things work a little differently in cryptics, but ultimately it's still about that same love of wordplay and clue-solving that we love about American-style crosswords.  The New Yorker's new cryptic puzzle is a great place to start--here are a few more: Joeadultman's "Cryptic 101" puzzles, which each only use a certain cryptic device, and Steve Mossberg's Quiptic series , which can be solved in a "Helpers" version.  A huge thanks to Steve and k0rmad, who went above and beyond in helping me create my first cryptic puzzle--a very intensive and time-consuming feedback process which I'm super grateful for!   I've already rambled on too much. Go give the puzzle a try!  Mmm, blueberry scone     .puz PDF   Solution  

Puzzle #41: What A Week!

 Hope you're having a good one!  Today's puzzle is themed. Thanks to k0rmad and Quiara for helping test it out. Hope you enjoy! Next week's offering might be... a little different? We'll see. Consider yourself forewarned.   Mmm, carrot cake cupcake with lemon-cream cheese frosting   .puz   PDF   Solution

Puzzle #40: CGI

 What's up everyone! Today's puzzle is a midi that we constructed on Twitch! If you were in that stream, thanks for the help! And a special thanks to Norah for helping to test this one out.  .puz Mmm, 80% white cob loaf

Puzzle #39: We're All Mad Here

 Ahoy!  Back with a themed puzzle after taking the holiday weekend off last week. Thanks to Steve as always for testing. Enjoy! .puz PDF Solution Mmm, peanut brittle

Puzzle #38: First Drafts

 Hello hello! Themed puzzle coming at ya this week--thanks to Steve and Norah for testing.  It's been a while since I've plugged Twitch streams, so let's plug some I haven't mentioned before: Norah , who streams crosswords and the excellent game Worms CrossweirdTV , who solve the NYT and indie puzzles, and have a very friendly active chat Alex Boisvert , who streams puzzles, often with some very interesting extra constraints, like having all the clues in alphabetical order  Cursewords , who you probably already know about, and features Ross Trudeau and Parker Higgins On to the puzzle! .puz PDF   Solution Mmm, apricot frangipane tart

Puzzle #37: On The Road

 How's it going? Themed puzzle this week. Hope it goes down smooth! .puz PDF   Solution Mmm, focaccia 

Puzzle #36: Extremely Online

 Howdy!   Themeless this week. I think this one's a lot of fun, with some tricky clues--thanks to Steve Mossberg for testing.   Hit the "Show/hide" button below the puzzle when you're done for a discussion about the genesis of this puzzle and a topic that's important to me personally. .puz PDF   Solution   Mmm, pretzels 20-Across was the seed for this puzzle. As someone with cerebral palsy, I find it's an important concept to highlight. The titular curb-cuts are ramps added to intersections to help wheelchair users, but they are helpful to cyclists, skateboarders, pedestrians using strollers, and so on. Things like closed captioning benefit all of us, and help reduce stigma around accommodation at the same time. When society works to accomodate those who are marginalized or disadvantaged, everyone benefits. Show/hide