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Puzzle #82: Chow Fun

 Hey gang, It's been a little while since my last puzzle here! But I've been busy elsewhere: you can find collaborations with Norah Sharpe in Lemonade Disc o (a cryptic), AVCX Trivia , and These Puzzl3s Fund Abortion . I also had the most recent AVCX Cryptic ! It was a joy to work with Nate Cardin, and I'm very happy with how it turned it out! I've now had a puzzle at all of the various AVCX branches (Classic, AVCX+ (themeless), Lil AVC X (midi), Cryptic, and Trivia)! I'm very grateful to all the incredible puzzlemakers over there who I've gotten a chance to work with along the way. Alright, enough of that. Here's what you came for: a friendly themed puzzle.      .puz   PDF   Solution     Mmm, carrot cake