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Puzzle #80: (T)Ricky Themeless

 Hi friends, Back with a challenge this week! If you'll remember from the last Half-Baked, the crossword Discord server had a "Secret Santa" style exchange of crossword grids. This is the one I made for Ricky Billingsgate, a great constructor you can find at Lexicon Devil for all types of awesome puzzles, with a special emphasis on meta puzzles. Rather than attempt to make a meta for a master of metas, I instead took Ricky's request that he was looking for a tough puzzle akin to the Saturday Stumper or a Stormy-level Boswords grid. This is that puzzle, a themeless that I think is easily the hardest puzzle to date on this blog--but one that I think you'll really enjoy.  Thanks to Norah for help in testing this one.   .puz Solution PDF Mmm, rice pudding cake with mango caramel