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Puzzle #87: Blooper Reel

 Hi friends, Back with a themeless this week! Thanks to Norah for help in testing this one. I've hopefully got some fun stuff coming in July, both on the blog and elsewhere!     .puz   PDF Solution   Mmm, chocolate-chip banana bread

Puzzle #86: Financial Planning (with Kate Chin Park)

 Hi friends, Got a really special one this week with the inimitable Kate Chin Park. You can solve her amazing puzzles over at Crosswords Schmosswords and see her work as an edit ör at the New Y ö rker . Thanks to Norah for helping test this one. I'm hopeful to keep this trend of weekly puzzles going, at least for a bit, this summer. If you're enjoying them, drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you. .jpz PDF   Solution Mmm, strawberry rhubarb bars

Puzzle #85: Extraordinary Individual (Acrostic)

 Hi friends, Got something a little different this week - it's an acrostic! Thanks to Alex Boisvert for his Acrostic Generator tool - you can follow that hyperlink to subscribe to Alex's Patreon for more acrostic puzzles.  Thanks also to Alex for helping test this puzzle, and to Norah Sharpe for testing as well. For a larger, full-screen solve: CLICK HERE Mmm, strawberry mousse entremet with lemon curd and almond shortbread