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Puzzle #25: Line Dance (midi)

 Hi!   Bonus midi today! It's my birthday so I'm giving you all a little present. Enjoy!    .puz     PDF   Solution Mmm, bread  

Puzzle #24: The Best Game You Can Name

 Hi!  Themed puzzle this week--some of you may already know where this is heading just on the title alone. Thanks to Quiara for play-testing.   Mmm, banana bread .puz     PDF Solution      

Puzzle #23: That's the Question

 Hi!  Another themed puzzle, another new bake, another shout-out to Steve Mossberg  for testing. Let's get to puzzlin'!   As a reminder, if you'd like to print the puzzle, using the PDF version linked below is the best way to do so. .puz   PDF    Solution Mmm, pannekoeken with apples

Puzzle #22: Headwaters

 Hi!  Themed puzzle today. Thanks to Jake Eakle and Steve Mossberg for helping to test this one out.          .puz   PDF   Solution Mmm, sausage and mushroom pizza

Puzzle #21: Spooky Meals

 Hi!  Themeless today, probably on the trickier side. Thanks to Steve Mossberg for helping test solve--as always, go solve his puzzles, especially his cryptics, which are a great way to get into solving cryptic puzzles.   .puz   PDF   Solution   Mmm, Millionaire's Shortbread