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Puzzle #90: Easy Crÿptic

 Hi friends, Here today with a barred cryptic style that's shamelessly cribbed from the New Yorker . The New Yorker's cryptics are some of the easiest American cryptics around, which I think is a real resource for newer solvers. With enough experience setting cryptics to feel like I can make one that's truly easy (it's much easier to make an impossibly hard cryptic than a very straightforward one), I'm throwing my hat into the ring. Let me know what you think, especially if you're less experienced with cryptics--I'd love to do more of these.  Thanks to Norah , Steve , and Chris for help in testing this one.    (If OneDrive links prompt a login, try opening in a private window. ipuz files can be opened in the Crossword Nexus solver) .ipuz PDF   Solution and parses   Mmm, apple pannekoeken

Puzzle #89: In That Case...

 Hi friends! Right back at you again with a sweet lil midi! Of course you can find plenty more grids of the midi variety (but never mid) over at Lil AVC X . Thanks to Norah and Alex for help in testing this one.  Next week... a cryptic that's very much towards the easier end of things? (If opening OneDrive links prompts a login, try using a private browser window) .puz PDF   Solution   Mmm, cherry macadamia white chocolate chip crispy cookie

Puzzle #88: It's Classified (with Norah Sharpe)

Hey friends, Got a very fun themeless collab with Norah for you. We think you'll find it a breezy bit of fun. More puzzles from us when and where you least expect them. Norah says, "Making puzzles with Will is always a joy. I love everything we have coming soon both separately and together! This one is a fun themeless for which I wrote exactly one sports clue - can you find it?" A note on OneDrive links: If any of the links prompt you to log in, try opening them in a private window. You can also grab the .puz by using Crossword Scraper in Firefox or Chrome. .puz PDF   Solution   Mmm, Norah's birthday cake