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Puzzle #75: Fetch!

 Hi friends, A little extra-wide themeless action coming at you this week. I'm indebted to the help I got from Steve and Norah in making this puzzle the best it could be. Enjoy!     .puz PDF Solution   Mmm, pizza with sausage and roast veggies  

Puzzle #74: Strings Attached (with Christopher Adams)

Hey friends,  Got a fun collab today with Chris Adams of arctan(x)words . Chris was instrumental in getting this theme set to fit into a grid. With unusual symmetry and some other trickery, we managed to pack a whole lot of theme into the puzzle, and I'm grateful for his efforts to make this one work. We're also grateful for the help from Norah and Brian in helping get this one in shape! Chris says "i'm very glad to have been able to help with this puzzle, i think it came out well, thank you to will for reining in my weirder tendencies, there's more coming from me very soon, etc. etc." and by etc. he means some very fun stuff indeed! .puz   PDF Solution Mmm, brownies with maple cream cheese frosting