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Puzzle #57: Going Postal

 Hi friends, Themed puzzle for ya this week. I think you'll find it a light challenge, with a few tricky clues, and hopefully a fun theme! Many thanks to Alex Boisvert for helping in testing this one. If you'd like to try some other puzzles by me, I've had a few lately: One in Spyscape called "Vertical Infiltration," a Universal puzzle called "Fantasy Sports," and an AVCX midi titled "Schrödinger's Cat." It's been a thrill working with some great editors, including Will Nediger, Brooke Husic and David Steinberg, who definitely elevate my work, so go check those out! .puz PDF   Solution   Mmm, parmesan-herb breadsticks

Puzzle #56: Think Fast! (midi)

 Hi all! Little bit smaller grid this week, but one with a lot to sink your teeth into. This one was made with the help of Twitch, so thank you to everyone who helped with suggestions--I wish I could remember all of you, but feel free to comment with your contribution(s)! I have a few puzzles upcoming in other outlets, so hopefully I'll be back soon to plug those and perhaps with some further rambling. Thanks to Kate for helping test this puzzle; go solve her super-fun puzzles! .puz PDF   Solution