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Puzzle #78: America’s Finest Crossword Puzzle (with Alex Boisvert!)

 Hey friends, Got a cool collab for you today. This one is the brainchild of the talented Alex Boisvert , and I'm so grateful to him for bringing me along on this one. We think you'll really enjoy it. Special thanks to Kate and Norah for their help on this one.  Solve online iPuz download Mmm, pecan pie

Puzzle #77: Low-Hanging Fruit (with Norah Sharpe)

 Hi friends, Back today with a themed collaboration with Norah Sharpe ! Inspired by her "fruit talk" lecture, we think you'll find it fun and full of juicy details! Many thanks to Steve Mossberg for his help in testing this one-check back in on Square Pursuit when Hannukah begins for a delightful series of little cryptic puzzles each night! Norah says: "Did you know that a strawberry isn't really a berry and isn't even a fruit at all? 🤯 Those "seeds" on the outside? Each one is a single achene, a category of fruit that also includes sunflower seeds. The red fleshy stuff is just the part of the flower where the achenes grow. TMYK 🌈 🤓 😚" .puz PDF   Solution Mmm, mascarpone cake with red wine prunes