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Showing posts from February, 2021

Puzzle #20: Get It! (midi)

 Hi! Midi today--if you're looking for a full-size puzzle, why not try  my Spyscape puzzle   from last weekend?  Thanks to the inimitable Brooke Husic for her help in testing this one--and of course for her pioneering  use of diagonal symmetry. Go solve her very hard puzzles!   .puz PDF     Mmm, ale rolls  

Puzzle #19: It's a Big Hit!

 Hi!  Themeless today--hope this one has some fun stuff for everyone.  Maybe a little harder than my average puzzle? Let me know! Thanks to Ricky for test-solving, go check out his blog if you like meta puzzles or puzzles about a cat law firm. .puz PDF   Solution Mmm, chocolate-cherry-almond fudge

Puzzle #18: 7xwords (Director's Cut)

Over on Malaika Handa's site 7xwords there's a very cool project going on: an attempt to create a 7x7 crossword puzzle with every possible valid configuration of black squares. Various constructors, both brand newbies and seasoned veterans, are all contributing puzzles. And today you can go and solve my contribution to the project.  As a way to help promote the project, and let's be real--just for fun, I've made an alternate puzzle with the same grid pattern. Hope you solve them both, and then go and check out the rest of the 7xwords puzzles if you haven't already.   Mmm, bread  

Puzzle #17: Division

Hi!  Themed puzzle today. I should have some fun puzzles in the coming week, too. Stay tuned! Thanks to John O'Leary for testing this one, you can check out some of his puzzles , too!   .puz PDF   Solution   Mmm, strawberry-kiwi cupcakes with pistachio buttercream frosting  

Puzzle #16: Posters (midi)

 Hi!   A quick midi I've been promising to post for a while. Unfortunately I didn't bake the pita featured below, but I did make the rest of the meal--and so can you.   Mmm, Halal Cart-style chicken and rice   .puz  

Puzzle #15: *aggressive snapping*

 Hi!    Themed puzzle today! Fans of musicals should enjoy, and all solvers should listen to a certain delightful rendition AFTER you've finished solving.   Mmm, lemon bars   .puz   PDF Solution