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Puzzle #9: Garden-Variety Names

 Why hello! This is not a Christmas puzzle, but due to the holiday spirit, I've made this one on the easy side--I hope everyone is able to solve it. Maybe solve with your family or a friend? If you're not able to see them in person, it's very easy to upload the .puz file to which will allow you to solve together with someone long distance.   Shoutout to Steve Mossberg , who has been doing a lot of test-solving for this blog, and has a really great puzzle blog of his own.    .puz   PDF Solution   Mmm, pear tart with almond shortcrust

Puzzle #8: IV-I (midi)

 Hi!    Let's just get to the puzzle! But first, baked goods. Oh, and an easy puzzle coming Friday, for those who enjoy puzzles on the friendlier side.   .puz PDF Solution Mmm, white bread

Puzzle #7: Tetrominoes

 Hi!   Another themeless today, built around my love of tetrominoes. Please ignore the non-tetromino blocks in the grid. Those are simply tetrominoes that grabbed a few more blocks and refused to let go. Negotiations are ongoing. There are some fun crossword streams on Twitch you should check out. It's really fun to watch and solve with friends, and it's a great way to get better at solving, too. Here are some of my favorite streamers (their schedules may vary, of course): Aaron Paulsen   Weekdays at 5pm Central Chris Piuma Daily at 10am Central Jac Weekdays at 3:30pm Central  PDF   Solution   .puz   Mmm, soda bread with cheddar and onion  

Puzzle #6: Off the Crossbar

 Hi folks! We've got a themeless puzzle today of medium-hard difficulty. The seed entry for this puzzle is one of my favorite phenomena in sports, and I hope it's interesting even to those solvers who don't love sports. I know you're out there--I see you, I hear you, and I am committed to continuing to ignore your cries to stop adding more sports to my puzzles. Much love.   .puz   PDF     Solution Update 12/13: Revised a corner to take out an objectionable entry. Thanks to Chris Piuma and Chris Adams for the feedback! Mmm.... Doubletree knockoff cookies

Puzzle #5: I Smell A Rat

It's that time again: puzzle time. This week's puzzle is themed, and medium difficulty. Movie buffs might enjoy this one.   If you're looking for more puzzles, I've added a list of indie blogs that I enjoy on the sidebar. I'd love to talk at length about what makes each of them special, but for now, let me plug a few of them by plugging some of my own guest puzzles:     Cruzzles, by Ricky Cruz, is absolutely the place to go if you love nerd culture, video games, Pokemon, and things of that nature. And visually it's a beaut! Ricky's use of color in the PuzzleMe interface is unmatched.   Brain Candy by Amanda Rafkin is also fantastic. If you love musical theater, it's an absolute can't-miss, but there's plenty to love even if that's not your thing. Go solve my puzzle, then go solve all of theirs! .puz   PDF   Solution Mmm, mocha almond biscotti