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Puzzle #6: Off the Crossbar

 Hi folks!

We've got a themeless puzzle today of medium-hard difficulty. The seed entry for this puzzle is one of my favorite phenomena in sports, and I hope it's interesting even to those solvers who don't love sports. I know you're out there--I see you, I hear you, and I am committed to continuing to ignore your cries to stop adding more sports to my puzzles. Much love.





Update 12/13: Revised a corner to take out an objectionable entry. Thanks to Chris Piuma and Chris Adams for the feedback!

Mmm.... Doubletree knockoff cookies


  1. yes! I too wouldn't mind less OTT and ORR and ILIE, but there's so much room for more sports in puzzles!

    1. Totally agree--OTT and ORR are bad because they're bad fill, not because they're sports. But I think many solvers need to see more GOOD sports entries to get comfortable with the idea sports in a puzzle can be fun.


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