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Puzzle #92: Foul Language

 Hey friends, Back with a themeless 13x puzzle this week--a little bit smaller than a usual full-size grid. This one was constructed with the help of Twitch chat a while back, so thanks to everyone who helped at the time. Thanks to Norah Sharpe for help in testing this one. Speaking of Twitch, you can lately find Norah and I solving cryptics together on Twitch. It's a great way to learn how cryptics work, if you've never solved one before. It was great meeting so many of you at Lollapuzzoola! As a first foray into the world of major crossword tourneys, it couldn’t’ve been more fun. Mmm, key lime pie (If any of these links prompt a log in to OneDrive, try opening them in a private browser window.) PDF .puz Solution  

Puzzle #91: A Little Bit Alexis

 Hi friends, Got a fun little themeless for you this week. Thanks to Norah and Alex for help in testing this one. Norah and I also have this week's AVCX Cryptic , so give that one a go! (If OneDrive links prompt a login, try opening in a private browser window.) .puz Solution   PDF Mmm, chicken shwarma pizza