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Puzzle #84: Clubs, but not Hearts (cryptic)

 Hi friends!  It's been a while since I've had a cryptic puzzle on the blog. If anything, that's been due to how MUCH cryptic setting I've been doing lately. You can see some of that work in the Browser , AVCX , Lemonade Disco , and editorially at the Rackenfracker . If you solve any of it, I'd love to hear about it! Thanks to Norah and Steve for their help in making this puzzle the best it could be. I've left a note after the solve in rot13 for those who are interested in learning more about the puzzle.   .puz   PDF Solution   Mmm, banana cheesecake bars with homemade malted milk balls SPOILERS (rot13): Avar ragevrf va gur tevq ner anzrf be avpxanzrf bs Cerzvre Yrnthr sbbgonyy grnzf: PVGL (Znapurfgre Pvgl), NEFRANY, JBYIRF (Jbyireunzcgba), FCHEF (Gbggraunz Ubgfche), ZNA H (Znapurfgre Havgrq), ORRF (Oeragsbeq), PURYFRN, OYNQRF (Furssvryq Havgrq), naq CNYNPR (Pelfgny Cnynpr). Gur grnzf V hfrq jvyy nyy or va gur Cerzvrefuvc va gur 2023-2024 frnfba. N terng jnl

Puzzle #83: Naturally, It's Important

 Hi friends!  Back with a themeless that I think you'll find pleasantly challenging! Thanks to Norah for help in testing this one.  I had this week's AVCX Classic, which is titled "Doing Labor " and was edited by Ben Tausig -- give it a go!   .puz PDF   Solution    Mmm, puff pastry with orange mascarpone whipped cream, lemon curd, and berries