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Puzzle #96: Red Snapper (with Shannon Rapp)

 Hi friends, Still recovering from ACPT here! It was an incredible whirlwind, and I saw so many of you there, and missed so many of you who were there too. I'm hoping to write up something more comprehensive at some point, but for now I'll just say it was an amazing experience. Today we've got a themed puzzle with my favorite collaborator, Shannon . Hope you enjoy! You can also find our work by donating to These Puzzles Fund Abortion 4 , in yesterday's USA Today, and various other outlets.    (If these links prompt a login to OneDrive, try opening in a private window) .puz    PDF   Solution Mmm, blood orange olive oil cake  

Puzzle #95: 10% Luck, 20% Skill

 Hi friends, Back at it with a themeless for you today that I think you'll find an engaging challenge!  If you're a Browser subscriber, go check out the cryptic Shannon and I made over. If you're a Defector subscriber, we also made a really fun sports-heavy puzzle over that way. (If OneDrive prompts a login, try opening in a private window.) .puz PDF   Solution Mmm, salty rosemary nut tart

Puzzle #94: Better Than Ever

 Hi friends, Back with a themeless that I think you'll find to be a fun romp. Thanks to Norah for help in testing this one.  I'm posting this unusually on a Saturday because I'm in the midst of kind of a fun run of puzzles!  Thursday: Los Angeles Times with Norah Friday: Puzzmo (if you haven't checked it out yet, it's free to register and you should definitely give it a look) Saturday: This puzzle! Sunday: Browser cryptic with Norah Monday: MYSTERY OUTLET with Norah It's also a nice run for Norah (who has a puzzle over on the app Crossword Flow today), and for us collaboratively. Thanks to everyone who's helped test, streamed a puzzle of ours, or just said nice things. The crossword community rocks, and we're happy to be a part of it.  (If OneLook prompts a login, try opening in a private browser window) .puz  PDF Solution    Mmm, cranberry-pomegranate mousse pie  

Puzzle #93: I'm Only One Man (with Norah Sharpe)

 Hi gang, Back with a new themeless after a little hiatus. The puzzle work continues apace! I'm part of a lovely leadership team over at Lil AVC X, along with Rafa Musa, Olivia Mitra Framke, and Sally Hoelscher. We recently finished putting together the team of editors for 2024, which includes Norah Sharpe (under her government name)! This puzzle, like every collaboration with Norah , was a joy to make. Norah says, "The structure of this one was inspired by some of the gridwork that Brian Thomas has been up to lately (see this one and this one ). My favorite clues are 16A, 39A, and 51D. Thanks as ever to Will for having me over. There's only a few days left to send in your applications for the 2024 Lil AVC X roster! Details here . And speaking of Lil, please try our "Happy Hour" midi from earlier this week."   (If OneDrive prompts a log-in, try opening in a private window)   .puz   PDF   Solution Mmm, mini smores cups

Puzzle #92: Foul Language

 Hey friends, Back with a themeless 13x puzzle this week--a little bit smaller than a usual full-size grid. This one was constructed with the help of Twitch chat a while back, so thanks to everyone who helped at the time. Thanks to Norah Sharpe for help in testing this one. Speaking of Twitch, you can lately find Norah and I solving cryptics together on Twitch. It's a great way to learn how cryptics work, if you've never solved one before. It was great meeting so many of you at Lollapuzzoola! As a first foray into the world of major crossword tourneys, it couldn’t’ve been more fun. Mmm, key lime pie (If any of these links prompt a log in to OneDrive, try opening them in a private browser window.) PDF .puz Solution  

Puzzle #91: A Little Bit Alexis

 Hi friends, Got a fun little themeless for you this week. Thanks to Norah and Alex for help in testing this one. Norah and I also have this week's AVCX Cryptic , so give that one a go! (If OneDrive links prompt a login, try opening in a private browser window.) .puz Solution   PDF Mmm, chicken shwarma pizza

Puzzle #90: Easy Crÿptic

 Hi friends, Here today with a barred cryptic style that's shamelessly cribbed from the New Yorker . The New Yorker's cryptics are some of the easiest American cryptics around, which I think is a real resource for newer solvers. With enough experience setting cryptics to feel like I can make one that's truly easy (it's much easier to make an impossibly hard cryptic than a very straightforward one), I'm throwing my hat into the ring. Let me know what you think, especially if you're less experienced with cryptics--I'd love to do more of these.  Thanks to Norah , Steve , and Chris for help in testing this one.    (If OneDrive links prompt a login, try opening in a private window. ipuz files can be opened in the Crossword Nexus solver) .ipuz PDF   Solution and parses   Mmm, apple pannekoeken