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Puzzle #63: Let's Circle Back... (with Norah Sharpe)

 Hi folks,

Very excited to bring you this collaboration with the inestimable Norah Sharpe. Norah says: 

"I'm so happy to make my Half-Baked debut with our fourth puzzle together. When I first started gridding this I didn't know it would be a collab, but as soon as I had the left side filled I knew Will would make the right side just as fun. One reason I love making puzzles with Will is because I know he's going to surprise me with stuff like 21-Down and 53-Across - both entries that I didn't have on my lists but I am so glad to learn of them. I also trust that any time we collab, he's gonna write some banger clues. Of his, 20A, 2D, and 14D are among my favorites. And I'm pretty proud of 49A. Thanks for solving!"

I don't have the eloquence to express as well why working with Norah is so great, but I think you can see it all over this grid! The collaborative process is always a joy with Norah and her enthusiasm, organization and energy really help power collaboration. I'm particularly fond of her clues for 22-Down, 53-Down, 49-Across, and the entry at 4-Down. Hopefully this puzzle has a bit of something for everyone!


And go solve some of our other  collaborations while you're at it.





Mmm, chocolate-chip cookies (Norah-style!)


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